Friday, September 4, 2009

Steve Martin Visits Blue Bee! by John Doucette, Blue Bee Owner

Steve Martin came into Blue Bee Men today and found some great things from Paul Smith, shoes, shirt and sweater. And another Blue Bee Men favorite designer, John Varvatos.

From Blue Bee Men, Steve strolled up State Street in Santa Barbara and entered our Blue Bee store on the corner. This is where he met Daisy, the owner’s dog! Daisy and Steve bonded instantly. Steve sat in a chair at Blue Bee and Daisy was so comfortable with him, she sat right next to him (following his command, as he politely asked her to sit). Within seconds, Daisy laid right down for a nap by his feet. They were obviously very comfortable with each other.


  1. So RAD!! Such a cute picture of Daisy!!!

  2. What a wonderful story!! Daisy is a beautiful dog.

    We love your blog, you should check out as well.

    Take care.